Welcome to Snepryd Publishing 

A “Snepryd”, or scilla forbesii, appears and blooms, after the snow has melted in early Spring. The petals of the flower evert, and the colours are vibrant. The scilla forbesii insists on being seen and is blooming at a time when many other flowers still lie dormant. It represents the vision of the publishing house: to provide a publication platform for authors with something special on their mind that they wish to share with you as a reader.  

It is honest literature. It can be painful literature. It is literature that is different, and which provides the reader with unique insights into topics that might be difficult to relate to, and literature which deals with the subject of being human – literature that demands to be read.  

As a reader, you will feel the passion behind the words, and you will feel that the words are written out of necessity. Snepryd Publishing is driven by that same necessity and passion.