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River´s Magic Treasure Chest

Target group: Parents and educators of children between the age of 4 and 8.Through the course of this adventure, the child is guided into yoga poses that are beneficial for their experience of self, and which help nurture a feeling of serenity. Each pose is illustrated. Once the child is familiar with the story, they can sit down with the book and go through the program on their own. However, it is advised that an adult be present with the child.The book offers the child the opportunity to get familiarized with their body in an enjoyable way while practicing attentiveness and presence, which help develop mental strength.


PAKI4LIFE is a story about three young men, who are raised in a tough environment. Jamal and his friends, live a life of social control, crime, prejudice, money and drugs. Jamal is a reflective man, who wants an education, to take care of himself and to have a bright future. 

Big days for little kids

A book about the special days of a child's life. There are suggestions for questions and activities for each page in this book, which makes dialogical reading possible . The questions are in the back of the book.

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